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How to Name Your Startup (And Land the Perfect Domain)

By Jason Calacanis

The name of your startup is critically important to its success, and in this email I am going to help you land an amazing name.Think of Google, Yahoo, EBAY, Mahalo, Meetup, Yammer and Mint -- are all six letters or under, generally easy to spell and certainly unique. This is not a coincidence.

Landing a short dotcom domain name in 2010 isn’t easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. I know this because I was able to buy for $11,000, for $30,000, for $70,000, for $15,000 and for $7,000.

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Launching LAUNCH

Today I'm starting LAUNCH, a media company with the goal of covering, empowering and celebrating the most exciting phase of a startup's life: its launch.

LAUNCH exists in two forms:

1. The LAUNCH email newsletter.

2. The LAUNCH conference taking place on February 23rd and 24th in San Francisco. At this conference 50 companies will launch.



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