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LAUNCH Festival 2014: And the winners are...

It’s been a whirlwind three days. Over 9,000 people registered for the 2014 LAUNCH Festival, dozens of companies pitched their products in the Demo Pit, speakers went deep on their strategies at the Startup Stage. We saw 3D printed heart tissue on stage. LAUNCH Founder Jason Calacanis danced to Gangnam Style for a product demo. A pocket drone buzzed the audience (no one was harmed, thankfully). And 40 companies launched on stage. 

We’re so proud of everyone who participated in our competition and Hackathon, and thankful to our keynote speakers: Travis Kalanick of Uber, Paul Graham of Y Combinator, Yves Béhar of fuseproject, and Mark Cuban.

Everything you need to know to catch up on LAUNCH Festival 2014 is here.

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LAUNCH Festival 2014 Winners

Hackathon Winners ($33k prize, each):

Best Overall ($200k investment prize)
Connect | @connectsanfran

Additional winners ($25k investment prize, each)

  • Best 2.0 - Credible | @crediblelabs

  • Best Alpha - The Pocket Drone | @airdroids

  • Best Design - Dattch | @dattchapp

  • Best Consumer Hardware - Drop | @AdapticsHQ

  • Best Enterprise Hardware - Density | @roundedco

  • Technical Achievement - CSTM | @cstmglobal

  • Best Benefit Corporation - HandUp | @handup

  • Best Enterprise - Knox | @knoxpayments

Ice House #DreamApp contest winners ($50k investment prize)

Barracuda Hackathon Investment Grand Prize ($25k)

  • Blush | @blushmessenger

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** All investment prizes are still pending due diligence.